Good geek shows

Sunday’s I get amped for AMC’s The Walking Dead as I woke up this morning I remembered that the final episode aired last weekend. I could easily watch Mad Men which is a good show but doesn’t really seemed aimed at the average geek. Fortunately Game of Thrones season two is on the way and until it gets here I can recap with season one on Bluray and read A Clash of Kings. It seems that ever since Big Bang Theory took off geek television is at it’s peak, geek tv has a rich history shows like Star Trek, Freaks and Geeks, Smallville, Firefly, Dark Shadows, the list goes on and on shows like that paved the way and I for one am glad they did. While you’re at it check me and my fellow geeks out at!/TheGeekArena on twitter and!/TheGeekArena on facebook.

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