The Ambition of CCP Games

    EVE Fanfest is a yearly event for the players of EVE Online CCP’s long running MMO. EVE has one of the most dedicated MMO communities to date. I myself don’t play when it launched I couldn’t afford a computer to run it but I always had an interest in the EVE Universe with it being full of political intrigue, bigotry, Immortal races, it even has a futuristic crusade spin on it. It’s set in a sprawling Universe with a story as rich( in my opinion richer )than HALO’s universe. Some people may say “it’s just a game” but trust me it’s much more than that check out the and see the depth of the community and universe of EVE. At Fanfest they discuss upcoming projects to improve the game hold tourneys, and have keynotes on the development of EVE. This year for myself I watched the online stream of fanfest because CCP was introducing something to the masses that very well can shape the way console games are developed, played, and experienced in the future. 

   That introduction was DUST 514, DUST 514 is a MMO FPS hybrid. It features MMO elements by means of learning skill trees, customizing armor and weapons, it’s set in a sprawling open community that is ultimately tied to the community of EVE. It plays as an FPS while in action though which will be set on various large maps on different worlds in a 24 v24 format. While 24v24 may not be very impressive compared to a game like Planetside( PC )it’s a pretty big deal for us console gamers especially with the potential for matches to become 32v32( speculating here guys but it isn’t impossible ). On consoles we get 24 players per map on BF3 which imo isn’t enough so to have a game bring us 48 per is a big deal that will make for some large scale battles. But the most impressive thing CCP has done is link these two games for one seamless experience.

  As a DUST player you have the opportunity to take contracts from EVE players for on the ground conquest. The EVE player is the console players boss. It makes for a never done before experience and hopefully a very enjoyable one. I say hopefully because as a DUST player we need to be cautious before we take a contract and not just jump on something so we can go shoot people online. EVE players have worked for years at gaining what they have so playing DUST 514when you get an offer and take it get the job DONE. Don’t screw around seeing how many kills you can rack up if it may come at risking a win for you boss. CCP has said thet there will be areas to just drop in and shoot each other if that’s what you want to do fine that’s great, just be careful to take your contract jos seriously. As mentioned earlier the EVE players have built empires and DUST players need to be respectful of that, if not then this game with all it’s potential could die off. It’s no secret that PC gamers are hardcore while console gamers tend to be more casual when DUST launches console gamers are entering the PC world. That being said DUST players will need to be smart while playing using teamwork and tactics to get paid and what’s more to strengthen relationships with EVE players.

    CCP got SONY to drop restrictions so that EVE and DUST could run together one universe one war in what can be summed up as a symbiotic relationship in two gaming communities. They are already in the closed beta for this game and will slowly open to the public, talks of the 2013 expansion( which will be free )is already in the works. Clearly CCP wants this game to survive they want the EVE and DUST games to share the same seamless relationship found in the EVE books. It should feel like one game one community during gameplay, this is the most ambitious undertaking I have ever witnessed in gaming history and I want it to work out. Iplan on being part of it, but as a console gamer I know for a fact that only with respect, maturity, and cooperation with the EVE Corps. will this game reach it’s potential. CCP has put allot of work into this and they still are, I look forward to working hand in hand with EVE players to dominate the universe and topplle the Amaar( yep sorry for the Amaar fans lol ). For more insight on EVE Online and DUST 514 check out the links:

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