A Disturbing trend among “Geeks”

       There is an ever growing issue among the people claiming to be geeks. Yesterday on Twitter an article was linked by G4 about online sexism in online gaming( http://www.g4tv.com/thefeed/blog/post/722118/just-one-of-the-boys-female-gamers-in-multiplayer-games/?cmpid=sn-120221-twitter-na-twitterfantrack )The things being said to female gamers is RIDICULOUS and to further that there was another site linked that showed some messages female gamers recieved from their male counterparts one guys message said “I bet you have fantastic tits”( http://fatuglyorslutty.com/ ). Now what the heck does that have to do with gaming? Why are som eguys so quick to judge female gamers anyway. I know SEVERAL very GOOD female gamers in games like BF3 and COD they pwn and you know what I don’t care that they’re female what matters is that they’re watching my back and vice versa. We’re there to play that’s what gaming is about if you’re looking for a date online go to eHarmony or better yet go out in the real world and talk to a woman like a sensible person! There has always been the stigma that geeks, nerds, or whatever you want to call us are scared of women or we can’t talkk to them and idiots like these guys make the stereotype all to real.

     So next time you’re online and a female joins your group think twice before you rattle off some dumb comment, and please for the perverts sending messages to female gamers STOP it isn’t funny and it definitely won’t make her think you’re cool. In the online world there is this “protective” veil so some figure they can say whatever they please while you can you’ll come off as a major jerk. Grow up play with maturity and show respect to EVERYONE!!

   The other thing I wanted to talk about I also saw on Twitter this thought process where “geeks” are basically saying who is geek enough and who isn’t( http://actionflickchick.com/superaction/forbes-geek-girl-cliques-dont-want-you/ )cliques in geekdom. I never thought it would come to this, growing up I was always last picked, told I couldn’t sit with a certain crowd, and picked on for being the small quiet guy with big glasses and his shirts always neatly tucked in. I’m sure many other geeks fit that discription as well. As I got older I didn’t think it was okay to exclude others because they were’nt into the same things as me or my friends. Where I came from geeks were accepting of others. If someone wasn’t considered a geek but wanted to get into comics, gaming, anime, or what have you we’d show them shops to get good stuff we’d groom new geeks.

    Today there are people telling others “Oh you really aren’t a geek” who has the right to say. Are we all supposed to look or dress a certain way? Things like “she’s to pretty to be a geek” or “he’s good looking he’s not a geek” or “they’re to cool to be geeks they’re just pretending”. It’s insulting it’s saying that we’re all ugly uncool individuals( I call bullcrap on all of that )the worst part is the people making those statements claim to be geeks!! I don’t get it when did we become the judgemental crowd that didn’t accept people when did we become what we fought against? If you want to be part of the ignoratti go ahead do that but don’t expect all of us to follow suit. Allot of us are still nice accepting non judgemental people the others heck throw them to the hounds we don’t need you around making us look bad.

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