The Film Industry Flu

This is a good summer for the geek culture where film is concerned. Prometheus, The Dark Knight Rises, The Amazing Spider-Man, The Avengers, this excites me to a very high degree. These are my favorite childhood heroes coming to life on the big screen and a “prequel” of sorts to one of the greatest sci-fi in history. But with that being said i can’t help but to be disturbed at the trend set in Hollywood, while comics give hollywood directors plenty to work with in terms of characters and story I can’t help but wonder why the original films that do come along are so few and far between. What i’m referring to is films that are appealing and good but aren’t really from a set source material except from the mind of the director. In years past we had District 9, Inception, In Time are a few good films that come to mind. But in all honesty films of the caliber of Citizine Kane simply no longer exist there are the occasional genius gems do come along but for the most part new films are sub-par when compared to classics. Hollywood is sick and the booster shot that it needs is fresh ideas, actors, directors, and producers. We see the same actors and directors and honestly they’ve proven to be stale Tom Cruise has been playing Ethan Hawke in every film he’s done since the first mission impossible( wasn’t he supposed to be German in Valkyrie )and i don’t mean to pick on him because Johnny Depp is stuck playing Jack Sparrow it’s annoying. I think that during some of these film festivals big studios need to pull more indie directors out get them into the union and put them to work. There is a whole world of directors and actors who have the talent, drive, and great ideas to change hollywood to reshape the film industry. These are the men and women who can change things who can bring an end to the reboots and the comic and book films again those aren’t bad but they’re not fresh either. That’s one reason why supporting indie film is important the geek nation has the power to talk indie film up try to help them get noticed trust me if some of these guys get noticed what they will bring to the table will not disappoint. If you have a twitter I suggest you check out @tothstudios, @SEProduction, and @TrinityScope to name a few and if you know of anymore please share and support.

2 thoughts on “The Film Industry Flu

  1. I completely agree, it does not take much to create your own unique idea. People just cling to much on what they know and like.

    There are only so many different genres and concepts in the world that we as humans could possibly imagine but its not the concept it is the direction in which we take that concept and develop upon it.

    • Exactly!!! The ideas are there but people get in this comfort zone and don’t seem to want to expand beyond it. Hopefully the up and coming talent will change that trend.

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