The new face of gaming

    Gaming for many of us geeks is a favorite pastime, I remember my first home console( NES )sitting around with my brothers and sister playing Mario, Duck Hunt, TMNT, Excite Bike all the good classics. Years late we got a Sega Genesis, then PS1, DC, PS2, Xbox, GC, PS3, 360, . . . then I bought a Wii finally and that’s when things changed for me. I held in my hand this remote control shaped apparatus and I started to play Wii Sports and I enjoyed myself. I stayed away from Mainstream titles fearing that the motion function wouldn’t feel right until one day I broke down and bought Super Mario Galaxy 2. I enjoyed my experience but soon after I got rid of the Wii something about shaking the controller to make Donkey Kong ground pound felt off, at that point I decided to not get into the PS Move and after I tried Kinect I realized that it would ultimately fail at making a mainstream game with no controller whatsoever.

    I’m not saying motion controls fail all together they work very well for sports games like golf or baseball and the Kinect does great with dancing games and voice control. But I feel like the tech is not there for these features to do what we dream they are capable of. Sure the programming can be put together to have a virtually accurate FPS where you are the controller but the cost to have that in the living room far outweighs the need for most of us to have it were it available. Basically what I’m getting at is a light gun can be used very well and within most household budgets but for Kinect to do the same thing at the same exact level( I’m referring to playing an entire campaign and online with just your body with the same accuracy and smoothness as a controller )would be too costly. Motion gaming should stick to dance games and party sports titles stay away from the realm of big dogs you’re just not there yet champ.

        That being said I’m sure the tech will grow and the cost will go down but for now i think as I put it “real” gaming should stay simple to an extent. What i mean is Wi-Fi and 3G on the go gaming. I’m not talking cell phones and ipads honestly that crap is slowly killing the home console and I can’t understand why there are very few quality games on phones and tablets. Whatever people may believe angry birds is not of the same caliber as Nintendo’s Pokemon games or Sony’s Uncharted: Golden Abyss. In comparison cell games and tablet games are crude. So how do the big three move forward how do they make handheld gaming relevant to the degree of mobile devices? I believe Sony has the right idea with the PSVita it’s a handheld with console capabilities and it has your apps to the recently released Paint Park can give Draw Something a run for it’s money. But just having a handheld device with 3G isn’t enough the hardware needs to be pushed, cross platform play needs to be available to a wider library of games. If you’re at home playing Batman Arkham City but have a plane to catch cut off your PS3 pick up where you left off on your Vita while your at the airport waiting, they made it possible for MLB 12 The Show branch out do more and more gamers will flock to the Vita.

       Another aspect is the use of the vita as a controller for the PS3 and still taking it along to continue the game on the go( the devs at CCP are already talking about doing just that fingers crossed). In that respect the WiiU has that tablet like controller what would be sublime to be playing the latest Mario game at home and then continuing that game on your controller while you’re traveling. For this to happen with nintendo they’ll have to offer some type of 3g/wi-fi service it remains to be seen if they’re going that route but you never know they always innovate something amazing. I have a feeling that this on the go gaming is going to be a strong part of future success for the big three of gaming hopefully Sony implements much more cross play and Vita controller features. I’d like to see Nintendo do the same they have the handheld market in their pocket why not use that same innovation to bring on the go gaming to their next console? I’d definitely buy a WiiU if they go that route and as for Microsoft I hope they too make a push for this and come up with a handheld compatible with the XBOX 360 and you know not focus so much on Kinect games. The mobile market needs to be put in place the Nintendo and Sony have the tools( I’m sure Microsoft does we just have yet to see it from them )so here’s hoping they put them to work and show how widespread the future of gaming can be. Those are one geeks thought’s feel free to share yours and don’t forget to check us out on twitter @TheGeekArena and on our Facebook page The Geek Arena.

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