Next Gen Gaming This Gen?

  E3 has come and went and the fallout has gamers everywhere speculating over old consoles and new, last gen tech( that’s what some are calling the current tech )vs. next gen. Which all makes sense honestly especially being that Nintendo showed off their new console and while the WiiU’s tablet is a very impressive feature one that even Microsoft and sony have tested or are going to Nintendo’s new hardware failed to show off any true next gen graphics that they boast the system can produce. Now I understand that the launch lineup like most launch lineups has quite a few ports which is fine but where was that one game that visually floored us the game that wowed everyone? Either it doesn’t exist yet or it wasn’t ready to be shown my money is on the latter.

    But with all this talk of next gen consoles and Nintendo pushing theirs out this year you begin to wonder about Microsoft and Sony. Now both have said that they won’t be putting new systems out this year and Sony went as far as saying don’t expect an announcement anytime soon about the next Playstation. So do they feel that there current systems can stand up against Nintendo? I believe yes they can to an extent. What I mean is for Microsoft here in the United States they have the strongest user base and devs like to build on their console due to the easy coding so not too much to worry about kind of. The Xbox 360 may have a huge user base and easy coding but it’s also the one lacking most technologically the system has been pushed to the max it’s not going to get any better that isn’t a bad thing but it isn’t all that great either. The other issue they have is the strong lack of consistent new IP’s at E3 they were building up to this huge announcement of a new game and it turned out to be COD BlOps 2 seriously that was the worst wtf moment ever. If Microsoft wants longevity out of their console maybe their heavy reliance on third party titles should lighten up especially when they could make sequels for games like Blue Dragon and Lost Odysee. Maybe Bungie’s new title will be a saving grace but unfortunately that title goes multi-platform for the next round of consoles. Simply put Microsoft lock down some devs and take some chances on a few new IP’s.

      What about Sony? Well it’s no secret the issues they had at launch very bare bones lineup, horrible online experience, and the console price( though honestly it didn’t bother me at all but I understood the pain of others ). Along with that the tech demo of Killzone 2 didn’t look like the actual in game graphics which caused an uproar and ignited the foolish flames of fanboys everywhere. Sony had the bark but the bite wasn’t present. Then things started to change titles like MGS4, Uncharted, Heavenly Sword, InFAMOUS, and Little Big Planet started to show that the system could pull of great graphics, impressive scale, and great online features. But let’s be honest the PS3 was playing a game of catch up that seemed lost it was still a pain to code for for most devs which brought about some very poor ports. From those ports came poor software sales and the general reception of the system was still well poor. But through all of that Sony continued to plug away at making improvements the online became vastly better matches flowed without lag or game drops, and the iteration of PS Plus came right on time cloud saves, free and discounted games, automatic downloads I mean it’s worth the price. Along with the online improvements came the things from Sony that made gamers say not possible with current hardware Heavy Rain, God of War III, Uncharted 2, Uncharted 3, Gran Turismo Killzone 3. These games showed the muscle this console has and when the devs put their minds to it it produces near next gen graphics especially with games like Beyond: Two Souls and The Last of Us, shoot even God of War Ascension is said to look better than III which I thought impossible!

   So what I’m getting at here is with Nintendo already putting out new hardware, MS and Sony not do they really need to? MS doesn’t if they can do what they did with Gears and Halo which is bring in an IP or two that will dominate that will reach the greatness of those before it and heck yeah the 360 can go ten years EASY! If not then wind it down and focus on the next gen. Sony well there are rumors of GT6 no one knows what platform but it’s rumored to hit Vita as well and with their cross-play push it may very well be on PS3. On top of that games like Beyond show that the system has allot of untapped potential, so we could see it keep going ONLY as long as the devs are dedicated to bringing all they can out of the Playstation 3. If they won’t then no roll in a new platform, it will be interesting to see especially since games like Agent, The last Guardian, The next Killzone, and Final Fantasy Versus XIII were all absent from E3. they could all be swan song titles or they could very well be games that boast next gen gameplay on a current gen console who really knows. Let me know what you guys think?

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