Hometown Heroes

This weeks indie spotlight is on two Toledo, Ohio natives Eric Palicki and Gerald Hill. Both are pioneers in their respective fields Eric in comics and Gerald in film. Eric is a comic book writer for such titles as Barefoot, The Undertaker’s daughter, and my personal favorite Broken Blvd.

Check out the middle panel ha that’s good fanservice

He does a great job in making characters relatable Alex Boulevard for example in an issue you can read online wants to leave his mercenary like lifestyle behind so he can “find” his humanity again( I won’t spoil it follow the link below and read it ). The Undertaker’s Daughter is also a very good read gritty, real, seriously toned Eric is a very talented writer and his books are well worth your time the writing is great and his team of artist compliment him very well. Here’s a link to his blog check it out it’s well worth it. http://ericpalicki.com/

The Undertaker’s Daughter things just got real

Next up in the film corner is Toledo, Ohio native Gerald Hill. An Indie film maker who is very dedicated to his craft, not only does he direct but he also writes and acts.  Working out of Top of the Hill Studios and Trinity Scope the guy is a pro at multitasking oddly it doesn’t affect his craft negatively. Gerald and his team consistently come up with fresh ideas this years Winding was one of them it’s a short film that pushes a man to see how far he’d go to save someone he loved. There’s a moment in the film that seriously made me think if I were in that situation would I be able to go to that length it was gripping( again no I won’t spoil it but i will leave a link for viewing ). The following Trinity Scope project was a short film called Earth Occupied and being a HUGE sci-fi fan I was extremely geeked over it desperation and triumph of mankind under overwhelming odds were themes present in a short film just over 11 minutes, I for one am hoping for more. While Gerald and his team are busy with their latest project Huntsmen( a Top of the Hill Production )which is a paranormal adventure but instead of Vampires and Werewolves expect to see other fantasy creatures. They put a twist on it already by not going the were/vamp route which is a nice change-up trust guys you will not be disappointed.

Huntsmen Logo

Gerald’s vision for what he wants done is always precise, clean, and uniform he inspires for greater things and I wholly believe those things will be achieved. It’s of note that his wife Kellie is a darn good writer as well keep an eye out as she’ll be featured in the next indie block. Follow the links below to check out some of Top of the Hill and Trinity scopes work.




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