Anthony Mackie as Sam Wilson( The Falcon )

Anthony Mackie

In 1969 Marvel Comics introduced The Falcon to their comics I am a huge fan being that he and Cap were partners. So when I heard that Anthony Mackie starred in The Hurt Locker, Abraham Lincoln Vampire Slayer, and The Adjustment Bureau he’s also in the upcoming Gangster Squad( which was penned by Will Beal the guy writing Justice league this post is chock full of geek )was in talks with Marvel to play as Sam Wilson the Falcon I was geeked.  Not only is Cap my favorite marvel hero but to have Falcon alongside him in “The Winter Soldier” is a treat for any fan of Cap or Falcon. On top of that Mackie is a really good actor his performances always come across with soul you can tell he invests himself in his work.  If this indeed does happen it will be interesting to see what route marvel takes more than likely the Ultimate route in which Wilson is an agent of S.H.E.I.L.D. Which in all honesty is okay with me because the Ultimate version is very well done and it fits the Marvel movie universe better than the old school Falcon. Either way I’m excited!!!

Marvel Comics Ultimate Falcon

Cap and Falcon

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