The Dark Knight Rises Review( Spoiler Free )

So I just saw the Dark Knight Rises and the big question many people ask are is it any good. I can safely say yes after having watched it. Christopher Nolan wraps up the trilogy in ways that haven’t been seen since LOTR: Return of the King. Emotionally gripping, intense, and action packed are a few of the words that come to mind when I think of this film. It starts off a little slow building the story for the players in the movie and introducing new ones such as Selina Kyle( Ann Hathaway )and John Blake( Joseph Gordon-Levitt )both of whom really come into their own in this film. To go along with them we have Bane( Tom Hardy )who really owns his role as Bane powerfully intelligent and a charismatic leader of a cabal of terrorists. Many people will try to draw similarities between Hardy and Ledger but you can’t really do that the two are completely different characters from Batman’s Rouge’s Gallery and both portrayed  the characters well. Though I was more impressed with Hardy’s Bane because his face was behind a mask and he acted through body language and his eyes and he did so with a very strong presence.

Hardy as Bane is a force of nature

The supporting characters in this film also again deliver Morgan Freeman’s Lucius Fox brings some comedic relief along with Hathaway’s Selina Kyle. This is the first time you see some good comedic elements in Nolan’s trilogy and it’s well done it doesn’t take away from the tone of the movie. The action is top-notch as well from the rooftop rumble with Catwoman, Batman and a half-dozen villains to the back-breaking battle between Bane and Batman this film brings the heat like BB and TDK simply didn’t. Huge action set pieces, and one over the top chase between tumblers, the bat, and a truck carrying a nuke this film has all the things that make for a great film with a great story to go along with it. It’s a Nolan film unlike the other films but it still keeps in line with what he built with his Trilogy.

Speaking of the script it’s quite mature and deals with themes of terrorism and economic downfall very mature themes that many of us have dealt with personally and you see an entire city not just the Batman alone rise above the challenge and attain victory. It’s not only mature but also heart wrenching some of the scenes between Bale and Caine were very emotional but it all added to the reality and weight of the situation at hand. At one point Alfred and Bruce are watching a playback of Bane on the computer in the Batcave and he’s reasoning with Bruce that he’s outmatched but Bruce Wayne being who he is of course disagrees and goes on with his plan to stop Bane and save his city.

The last thirty minutes or so are where this film shines the most everything that has transpired in the film is leading up to the one moment where Gotham is on the brink and the one man who was a villain by public standards is the one who stands up and does what needs to be done to save millions. The aftermath( which I won’t spoil )wraps up the trilogy in a way that one would expect from a Christopher Nolan film and leaves the way open for future spin-offs, The Dark Knight Rises is simply one of the years best films and definitely the best of the summer you owe it to yourself to see this film.     

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