Indie Spotlight

   This week’s indie spotlight focuses on upcoming author Kellie Hill a Toledo Ohio native that again shows that the small city is ripe with talent (if the name sounds familiar she was mentioned last time in an article which featured her husband Gerald). Kellie is the author of a fantasy book titled Hunter M.D. Files which fortunately is not about a bunch of whining teenagers fighting over a girl but instead focuses around a paranormal hospital. The themes are actually mature and the writing is very descriptive( some of the best action writing I’ve read )at the moment she is reworking the story and from the sample I’ve read it’s very well done. Kellie is also more than just a writer she also assist her husband in film making and she also is a great COD player but I chalk most of that up to cheating haha. Her talent goes beyond pen and paper and personally her enthusiasm is contagious it shows she’s serious and loves what she does. So if werewolves, E.R. and good storytelling are your thing then Hunter is definitely something worth checking out she currently has her fanpage up on facebook that gives you a sneak peek on the story. Kellie is a dedicated artist in her craft that is poised to catapult herself into greatness with her writing. Check out her Facebook page in the link below.

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