How CW’s Arrow can hit big

     This summer can be summed up as one huge two page comic panel of awesome The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, and The Dark Knight Rises were all great films and satisfied the geek in all of us, for example I was talking to my father and even he couldn’t believe how much he enjoyed these films. But with TDKR being the last Superhero summer blockbuster where will we get our live action fixes until Blu-ray releases and next summer’s juggernauts in Iron Man 3 and Man of Steel. Well if the CW has their way that fix may just come in the form of this Fall’s Arrow. Arrow for those who may not know is based on the DC Comics character Green Arrow( Oliver Queen ), Queen is much like Bruce Wayne rich playboy that is the head of a conglomerate business( Queen Industries ). Unlike Bruce Wayne though, Oliver Queen got to taste life as rich adult before his tragedy struck, in which he was marooned on an island and had a moral recovery to give up his life of fast living to fight crime, I mean that’s what anyone would do right?  Arrow will follow the origins of Oliver Queen’s journey to becoming a hero it sounds good it looks good from the promo’s as well and it’s already been announced that China White and Deadshot will be in the show and Slade Wilson( Deathstroke )has been teased. There is clearly potential here to grab the comic fans old and new with what they’re offering but I thought I’d put a list together of some villains and heroes that could give Arrow an even bigger boost. It is of note that Marc Guggenheim is not writing in heroes or villains with super powers which in all honesty is fine for GA especially starting off as a new hero you aren’t going to go toe to toe with someone like Black Adam anyway here we go!

Deadshot: Though he’s already been confirmed this is a character that I wanted to see in Arrow since I first heard about it he works very well in the GA universe and would make for some good action sequences besides Floyd Lawton is just b.a. how can you not include him.

Cupid: This is a lesser known GA villain Carrie Cutter was in sec ops and volunteered for a program that would make soldiers fearless it ended up making her crazy. She became obsessed with Green Arrow and started killing some of his enemies with his style arrows which made him a suspect. She may not be big time but she makes for some good story telling.

Cheshire: You can’t not have GA and leave Cheshire out I’m pretty sure it’s against the laws of geekdom not only does she pose a physical threat but also psychologically as well with her connection to Speedy/Red Arrow/Arsenal( Roy Harper )speak of the devil. . . .

Red Arrow: Look even though Arrow is starting at the beginning of Oliver Queen’s quest of becoming a hero eventually they really need to add in Roy he’s a character that brought about one of the deepest comic stories I’ve ever read his heroin addiction which could all lead back to more tie in’s with China White.

Dinah Laurel Lance( Black Canary ): Lance is already in the show but not as Black Canary most likely the transition will happen but not adding her to the list just doesn’t make sense she’s too ingrained in GA’s history to not mention.

Vertigo: While it may appear that he does indeed have superpowers he doesn’t vertigo has an electronic implant that after he altered allowed him the ability to disorient people. Having him in the show could lead to some very interesting battles forcing GA to seriously think outside the box.

Merlyn: This guy is in comics the reason GA took up archery he’s actually better than Ollie and he was a member of the League of Assassins way too much character history to not take advantage of.

Constantine Drakon: Master Martial artist, assassin, oh and he’s caught arrows shot at him by GA need I say more.

Helena Bertenelli( Huntress ): Huntress is a good addition because she can be a shady character, while she is a hero she crosses the line at times that could put her at odds with Queen.

Prometheus: this guy is kind of a toss up because there have been three to take the mantle the first one may not fit into CW’s Arrow but the other two could as they were criminals that went under intense training similar to Batman and GA and while Prometheus is generally a Batman villain comics are known for crossovers so he could easily make the jump.

Onomatopoeia: Master martial artist, weapons expert, genius. It isn’t clear if he’s a meta human or not, He was shot to crap with arrows, jumped off a building, and ran off. I mean it is a comic book so who knows he’d be a great addition though this guy outsmarted Batman and GA and almost killed the Joker.

Thomas Blake( Catman ): Before anyone says how much he sucks well yes he did but that was before Gail Simone got a hold of him and turned him into a villain worthy to be in any heroes Rouges gallery. This is a guy who can give GA a run for his money and should not be taken lightly check out Simone’s run on Secret Six and you’ll see what I mean.

Digger Harkness( Captain Boomerang ): Yeah Boomer is a Flash villain but come a showdown of him and GA would be epic besides this could be Warner/DC’s opportunity to show the DCU and not just one character’s heroes and villains. Well and I’m a huge Boomer fan so yeah.

Slade Wilson( Deathstroke ): I don’t care how or when just make it happen!

The Suicide Squad: while the group roster changed over the years the team pictured are the ones who have the best shot in making it into Arrow and honestly they were the best Squad Bronze tiger, Captain Boomerang, Deadshot, Rick Flagg you couldn’t go wrong but they lead to my final spot in this list the one character that needs to be in this show over all others.

Amanda Waller: The most powerful person in the DCU has no superpower, fears no one, and is never one to be crossed. Waller is a staple in the DCU that needs to be take advantage of to the full. I’ve always felt that she was not used to the full by DC and Warner now is the chance for them to change that, Waller is big picture a character that needs to have a presence and hopefully the writers of Arrow know this.

Well that was my list of characters that I think should make eventual appearances in CW’s Arrow, as much as I disliked Smallville( after season 2 )cameo appearances were one of the best things about the show. Now is the time for Warner/DC to expand their universe by showing different characters while telling great stories hopefully they use the catalog to the full. So Sound off on anyone I may have left out that you would like to see in Arrow.

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