My Top Ten Indie Game Must Play Suggestions

It’s no secret that we here at TGA are big fans of Indie Entertainment when it comes to gaming especially as of late I find myself more and more getting into indie games and turning away from the big studios. It’s not that I don’t love the AAA studio titles I just find that there always available so I can grab them whenever I want and besides the indie games seem to keep that old school charm that made me fall in love with video games in the first place. So for that reason I thought I’d put a list together of my current top ten indie games( it’s of note that they’re not in any particular order one not being better than the other )these are all games that I have beat or are currently playing what I will do is every month feature a new list of new indie titles. Here we go!

Journey: Developed by That Game Company Journey was by far my favorite PS3 exclusive title this entire year not one word of dialogue is spoken in the entire game yet by the end you feel attached to not only your character but your partner as well. It’s difficult to explain you simply have to experience it.

Explodemon: Curve Studios actually went through quite a bit just to get this published and the end result is well worth it. It’s like Megaman crossed with an eccentric possibly insane demolitions expert that who doesn’t love to blow things up he lives to blow things up. The dialogue is well written and funny, level design is great with lots of nooks and cranny’s to discover and the combat is straightforward and fun. Definitely worth checking out if you haven’t yet.

Bastion: Supergiant Games made me buy and XBOX 360 when I first saw this game I didn’t have a PC so I couldn’t get it on Steam, Origin, Gamers Gate etc. My other 360 had died on me so I needed a new one but I really didn’t see any games I had to have that I couldn’t get elsewhere except Bastion it was the main reason I got another 360 and every second I played it was worth it. The art style in this game is like a moving water color painting, the combat is simple yet satisfying, the narrator is also one of my favorite features telling your story with every action you take. This is simply an amazing work of art and definitely needs to be in every gamers collection.

Tales From Space Mutant Blobs Attack: Drinkbox Studios developed this gem, I don’t know if it’s the old space monster movie feeling I get from the game or the kick I get out of eating civilians as a huge green space monster whatever it is this game is gold. When I purchased my PS Vita this was one of the first games I downloaded and honestly my favorite title so far on the handheld system. It’s easy to pick up and play but not so easy that it’s boring some of the puzzle elements can be testing but that adds to the fun. Level design is very well done at times I find myself going through every corner of each stage just to find my fellow Mutant Blobs but one of the best things about it is replay value once you beat it you want to go back again whether for trophies or charm.

Pixel Junk( all of them ): Q-Games Pixel Junk Series are amazing ranging from shooters to strategy this studio has shown that they can be versatile in their development while consistently bringing forth great games. It was way too hard for me to choose just one of their titles so I grouped the entire line into one series, seriously check them all out you’ll never have so much addictive fun in gaming as you’ll find here.

Rainbow Moon: East Asia Soft’s Rainbow moon was the game that drove me back into traditional RPG’s after playing it for the first time I remembered why the RPG is my favorite genre of game. Rainbow Moon has it all crafting, lengthy gameplay, fetch quest for better equipment, over the top supers, fun combat, and a beautiful world to explore. Rainbow Moon is the best bang for my buck I’ve gotten all year all the great elements of a SRPG for only $11.99( PS Plus Price )that beats $60.00 for a five hour campaign any day!

Braid: Developed by Jonathan Blow is a game that I was late to the party for, but better to show up late than not at all. The game is brilliant I found myself playing through the first few levels several times through before moving on to the next one that’s one reason I still have yet to finish it. I don’t view that as a bad thing the replay value is so strong and gameplay addictive that I replay levels back to back just to tinker with the time manipulation. Any fan of puzzle games should definitely play this and if you already have crap play it again it’s well worth your time.

Rochard: Not many moustached heroes in gaming besides everyone’s favorite plumber until John Rochard showed up. Rochard is a really fun gravity bending side-scrolling shooter developed by Recoil Games I stumbled upon it on PSN one day and downloaded the title it’s wicked fun especially using enemies as projectiles to take other enemies out I mean come on what’s not to love. Recoil has been quiet since Rochard hopefully they’re working on something else until then check Rochard out and see just why moustached heroes are the greatest ones.

Dead Nation: In a generation of games that are overflowing with zombie apocalypse titles in my opinion Housemarque did a stand up job in their title Dead Nation.  DN has great, intense gameplay and the best part is the online co-op it just made it that much better, especially the whole country leaderboard idea that was something that added to the entire race for top spot on the leaderboard and gave incentive to hop online and play. The number of enemies onscreen at a time was pretty impressive for an indie download game as well and the survival sequences were awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with DN you just might as well.

Super Stardust Delta: Another title from Housemarque SSD is insane fast paced, colorful, and extremely fun. It’s a bit of a nail biter and not the easiest game ever but it’s fun and saving up bomb attacks makes for some of the best explosions you’ll witness in a videogame. The visuals are some of the best I’ve seen on the PS Vita or in any game for that matter  Delta is a title that is definitely worth your time.

Well that was my list of Indie must play titles, each month TGA will suggest a few indie titles to our fans to check out so keep your eyes open and get your game on! As always support indie entertainment those individuals work extremely hard to produce top notch entertainment whether its gaming, film, or some form of literature. If there are any games the readers would like to suggest please feel free to do so 🙂

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