Introducing Guild Wars 2 Weekly

         Yesterday the TGA Guild Wars 2 review went up, it was very highly recieved and was given the first perfect score for a video game here at The Geek Arena. Today I wanted to introduce Guild Wars 2 Weekly, GW2 Weekly will be a weekly update of the goings on in Tyria whether it’s focus on a certain Race, Profession, hard to find Points of Interest( which will be referred to as POI’s ), Vistas, and the like. This week for the first GW2 Weekly we’re talking about the GW2 community why community first? Well it’s simple if you’re thinking of getting into  GW2 or you already are this is an introduction of what to expect and I’ll even share some of my community experiences.

    Being an MMO GW2 is a very large and interactive experience I’m not talking NPC’s I’m talking about other players on the server with you, these players names will be in blue, NPC’s are green, and aggressive enemies are red. Now if you’re new to the game and you have a question about an event in your area or are looking for directions mouse over to the lower left hand corner where the text box is there you can type your message. It’s set to Map( which is long range good for general questions )or you can switch to Say( short range best used in group events as it helps keep the Map conversations clear of smaller grouped conversations ). The community so far has been very helpful, ArenaNet did a fine job in crafting the game with no world map PvP without it players are more focused on events and aiding one another which creates a solid unified community. So if you are running into trouble with a boss, or are looking for a point of interest use the text, I’ve found it very useful as my server( Northern Shiverpeaks )is full of gamers who are always looking to lend a helping hand.

So far my experiences have been positive for instance I went back to a low level area in Kryta to grab a few missed Vistas and came across a player that needed help with a skill point battle, I was more than glad to help as well as a few other players. When I’m downed by an enemy( for Rangers The Search and Rescue skill comes in very handy )someone is alway there to help and vice versa. When there a major boss battles going down someone will use the text to group up and we all meet at a waypoint, I’m not talking about Guild members this has all been with random players which makes playing GW2 more welcoming. As for my guild we group up for WvW and even there we run into larger groups and end up all playing together to take back points on the map. What I’m getting at is the GW2 community is a great place to game so far it’s one of the best online gaming communities I’ve played on( it’s neck and neck with the DUST 514 community great group there as well ). I had been looking for a go to MMORPG for awhile SWTOR didn’t grab me, DCUO’s community was dead silent half the time, and I honestly couldn’t get past WoW’s dated visuals GW2 won me over and a good portion of it is because of the community. Hope this was a help post your comments below.

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