NBC’s Revoulution: Afterthoughts

I want to start off by saying that I thought about this write up since Monday night after watching Revolution. I wasn’t even sure I wanted to do this but in all honesty it’s not best left unsaid. After seeing previews for the show my interest was piqued after finding out that Jon Favreau was tied to it whose work I love and J.J. Abrams( I loved his take on Star Trek that’s it )I was more than ready to give this show a shot. After missing the first episode I made sure I would be home for the next one the following week and I was, I was not overly hyped up but excited about a new show with a slightly apocalyptic vibe to it. I will explain what I mean by that but I do want to make it clear that after thinking it over I don’t think the show is bad it’s ok not good or great just ok.

I got 30 minutes in before I was done with it, it wasn’t really boredom I was just taken out of the entire show due to the main character Charlie. I don’t feel there are enough strong heroine’s in entertainment so having one in Revolution was a draw for me unfortunately she’s written a little too weak. In a world with no power, violent bounty hunters, and a dictatorial government I expected the characters to be a bit more ballsy, especially Charlie since she grew up in this world. But after begging Miles( one of the only characters that could actually make it in a world like this )not to kill a villain that was after them was a weak move honestly one I didn’t expect. After that when Charlie cuffs the Militia bow wielding bad guy love interest that was planted to follow her she asks what his real name is. Why is the question why show your emotions lowering your guard to a guy who’s only interest could be killing you, it just didn’t make much sense to me for a character like Miles to exist in this hardened world and be the only tough character.

Revolution being in the time slot it’s in is going to be competing with shows like Hell on Wheels and The Walking Dead shows that do come on later, shows that grab a more mature audience. Revolution lacks that for coming on as late as it does it lacks any real mature tones, along with that two characters in the show so far are the only ones who fit into that world Miles and Tom Neville. The rest of the cast needs to be toughened up if it’s going to be believable if not I for one won’t come back to Revolution but hopefully they step it up. As I mentioned earlier I could only get through 30 minutes of the show so I won’t completely write it off and after talking to a friend that suggested I give it until the end of the season and I will. If the show fails to evolve into the world that it’s set in then I will give up on it, here’s hoping it improves I hate to pass up on something with great creative vision.

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