TGA Weekly Breakdown

Hey everyone sorry that this week was very light on updates I’ve been battling a cold that at one point i was sure was cholera or smallpox or any other deadly disease! Anyway I’m back on my feet and feeling well enough to write up the Weekly breakdown( que awesome guitar riff ). It was a good week in the realm of Geek The Guild Season 6 premiered, TOTHS/Trinity Scope’s project Huntsmen hit an awesome milestone, Developer ArenaNet announced some really cool activities for the GW2 community, and lastly this weekend gamers across the nation are faced with a very difficult decision XCOM or Dishonored( if you are fortunate you’ll get both but I have to choose NOOOOO!!! ).

First up to the plate The Guild Season 6 debuted. Now I will be completely honest I am new to this webseries and am still watching some of the previous episodes from earlier seasons, but I fell in love with it as a big time RPG and MMO gamer I’m drawn to things like this. My favorite episodes of The Big Bang theory are the ones where SWTOR and WoW play plot points, I just about lost my geek when I found out that Felicia Day voices Zojja in Guild Wars 2, so when my buddy posted a season 6 trailer and episode link on FB i instantly clicked, watched, laughed, subscribed on youtube and started watching older episodes. For any gamer or geek out there The Guild is one of those things that you just have to watch with a great cast( Zaboo being my favorite ), smart writing, and some of the best cameo appearances ever don’t pass this one up please do yourself a favor and watch it. Btw yes Codex I do want to date your avatar.

Up next the Huntsmen Crew hit a pretty cool milestone by filming in the Toledo Museum of Art, they were given permission to film which was cool because it show they have community backing. The Toledo Museum of Art was one of my favorite places growing up so it’s double cool that some of my friends were able to work in one of my favorite places. The Huntsmen crew is very dedicated to their work and i have no doubt that the dedication they have for their craft will shine through in the end product. i don’t know what they have in store next but I’m sure it will be amazing congrats guys and keep it up!! If anyone wants to keep up on the going ons of Huntsmen check out Top of The Hills Studios on Facebook.

   ArenaNet had some pretty cool announcements this week first off they will be supporting Pink Day in LA on a few of their servers. It’s really awesome that GW2 will be a part of this being that it’s a new game but still will be part of the festivities. The event will be on October 20th and across several different servers if your particular server isn’t participating put your toon in some pink gear to show your support anyway. Along with that announced a really cool sweepstakes for GW2 giving away such things as a custom GW2 rig, artwork, and a collectors edition among other things check out if you want to enter and definitely check out

Lastly in the Weekly Breakdown Broketober gets serious for gamers, while many of us are still blasting our way through Pandora on Tuesday October 9 we will be facing a dilemma( well those of us who don’t have 120 bucks for gaming )XCOM Enemy Unknown or Dishonored. Both look to be really good games and Dishonored is such an interesting take on the FPS genre it’s hard to say no to, XCOM will surely scratch the RTS itch for any strategy gamer especially those who do not have a PC and haven’t played Starcraft. I’m still not sure which one I’ll be getting on Tuesday it will be tough especially since I have to limit myself to one game being that I have ACIII and Liberation soon but honestly it may be Dishonored since I am currently playing Starcraft and one RTS is enough for me at the moment. But honestly that could change by the time I walk into my local game retailer I will let you all know my decision. That was the Weekly Breakdown we’ll see you in our next session until then have a great weekend geeks!!!!

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