Guild Wars 2 Weekly

This weeks GW2 write up will be a double bubble write up( since last week I missed it ), anyway we’ll be talking about how you can know( make )your roll without the MMO Trinity present as well as group chat options. Up first how to Know Your Roll: If you are a GW2 player you are well aware that the MMO trinity of Tank, DPS, and Healer is not as forward as other MMORPG’s. GW2 allows you to take a character profession and give them the role you wish though it is of note that everyone has the ability to heal themselves, for example my human Ranger is a healer and DPS. Unfortunately some players I’ve run into are running with Warriors for example and won’t tank, this is upsetting because the Warrior profession as well as Guardians can take massive damage. Yet some players who have rolled these types when are called on to tank refuse to get in the thick of it, the end result is the weaker characters suffer. I know some may say well why not just boost your skills instead of wanting us to tank, to that I say when you’re down I heal when you need someone to bleed, burn, and shoot a barrage of arrows at an enemy to drain their hp I step up to the plate along with many other players. No there are no set roles but as a community the GW2 players need to figure out while in WvWvW and sPvP how they are going to play to benefit their team and server. Selfish gameplay has no place in an MMORPG if you want to play that way stay in PvE, but if you are having trouble figuring out how exactly to play with a team mindset ask experienced players.

The GW2 community is good so we should be able to aid one another properly while in WvW so that it runs as a well oiled machine. I think what would help is when you que into WvW first talk with your guildmates about role specifics and stick with your decision, after that open the chat and ask about which areas are under the most stress and which are not. Once you have that down it’s time to decide where the players on the server will go who needs to get materials and build siege weaponry and who does not. If WvW  is going to last the gamers playing need to stop making it a single player experience after the game I played on Saturday if everyone played like that WvWvW would die. WvWvW has to be taken at a tactical viewpoint once an area is taken running off to the next one without any gameplan is a mistake, some players should hang back to make sure an enemy counter attack doesn’t spring up and all the hard work was for nothing. Running from point to point makes fo good XP but hinders tactical gameplay if you observe a succesful server they take over map points and hold their areas. That is how the game should be played wisely and consistently I do believe that the poor performance of Saturday’s players( myself included )will be rectified the game is still new and many still need time to find their groove, once they do server competition in WvWvW will become a much better experience than it is now. But again all of this will mean nothing if players do not align their toons at all to one of the MMO Trinity points, it isn’t so much as knowing your role as it is making your role.

Chat Options: I won’t touch too heavily on this aspect as things could change if ArenaNet patches the game with its own chat. At the current time there are servers like Ventrillo, Team Speak, And Skype( which is free ) among others. Group chat is an extremely important as being able to talk tou your Guild will improve the experience as trying to type while playing can end up taking more time and taking your attention away from what’s important the on screen action. Of course servers like Ventrillo are paid services so unless you have ten or more individuals playing steady go with Skype as it’s free. I can personally attest to the fact that group chat improves the game drastically before we started using it communicating was a bit of a pain but now we’re able to coordinate much more smoothly. So wrapping things up try to find a chat option that works well for you and your friends you will not be disappointed! That’s it for this weeks installment we’ll be back next week for more advice to help you on your journey through Tyria!

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