Weekend PS4 streaming and share videos

UPDATE:Sorry I did not get to do any streaming as I got sick and lost my voice. Since that was the case I will stream some InFAMOUS Second Son, Saturday 4:30 PM PST. I will update again tomorrow for any interested in watching.


Hey everyone, the weekend is upon us and that means the start of a new TGA
Segment, video game streaming through Twitch and PS4. With InFAMOUS Second Son dropping I figured I would stream a bit of that as well as some Rayman Legends. I’ll update tomorrow with the information where you can watch the streams as well as what time I’ll start. Watch this space and have a productive Friday tomorrow!

Big News from The Geek Arena!

Hello all, it’s been far too long since I’ve posted here! Well looks like things on the Geekdom front are picking up recently admins Joel, Gerald, Matt, and I have started a podcast( called The Geek Arena Podcast )and you can be expecting the first episode to be out soon, there are plans for some “let’s play videos”, and some podcast and videos of us at some upcoming Cons ( TBA ). The Geekdom Blog will be getting some needed attention as well, keep on the lookout at our Facebook( https://www.facebook.com/TheGeekArena )page for any future updates and keep rocking on!

DUST 514 to intergrate with EVE Online Soon

dust_514_3-1080pWell looks like I’ll be strapping on my Minmatar helm once again as CCP gears up to merge DUST 514 and EVE online to one server. I did take an extended break from the closed beta as I was waiting for this very moment. Not just because it’s groundbreaking for the gaming industry but also because it is also in preparation of the open beta and I’m excited to be able to play with some of my friends who didn’t get a closed beta invite. The merger will be happening on January 10th, congrats to CCP on this groundbreaking venture! See you in game Mercs!

TGA update

Just a quick update, I’ve been wicked sick lately so I haven’t been able to get my post through this week. Tomorrow I will be putting up two new ones, also TGA will be going through some changes over the next couple of weeks keep your eyes open.