6 thoughts on “Gamers Corner

  1. PSN had a huge week from discount, free games, and day one didgital releases it was a goo week for gamers. As a suggestion to any PS Plus members if you do not yet have King of Fighters XIII in your game library download it it’s free you won’t be disappointed, if you love 2D fighters with a bit of a learning curve check it out.

    • I think it is for what you pay( $50.00 )Right off the bat you get well over $100.00 in game savings from free full titles like LBP2, InFAMOUS2, KoF XIII, Just Cause 2, etc. Not to mention all the discounts bigger cloud storage for online game saves, it’s definitly worth it.

  2. Started a new character in Guild Wars 2 went with a Charr Warrior. The dialouge for the Charr is great their arrogance is somehow very likeable, honestly the humans were my favorite race of Tyria then i started with my Charr( who I named Atlas Bloodfyre )and am finding it hard to go back to playing my human. I mean I know I will but the Charr are very very cool. Other than that my gaming has been very console light haven’t really dug into Dishonored like I wanted to and haven’t played BL2 in a bit, GW2 takes most of my gaming time but the game deserves it my guild rocks the community is awesome and the game is amazing. Maybe I’ll fire up the PS3 today for some BL2 I miss playing Axton.

      • Heh the Charr are actually a very interesting race Matthew. Their dialogue is some of the best in GW2, and their culture is very interesting. It’s really neat to play a game with a character that was the enemy in the previous title, and to see how they think and feel about the humans that are left in the land of Tyria. If you ever get a chance I highly suggest that you roll one. I felt similar about the Sylvari but Joel changed my mind about them I plan to roll one next.

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