DUST 514 to intergrate with EVE Online Soon

dust_514_3-1080pWell looks like I’ll be strapping on my Minmatar helm once again as CCP gears up to merge DUST 514 and EVE online to one server. I did take an extended break from the closed beta as I was waiting for this very moment. Not just because it’s groundbreaking for the gaming industry but also because it is also in preparation of the open beta and I’m excited to be able to play with some of my friends who didn’t get a closed beta invite. The merger will be happening on January 10th, congrats to CCP on this groundbreaking venture! See you in game Mercs!

GW2 Announces Ascended Gear Gamers Rage Over It

     By now anyone who is following GW2 knows that this week introduces a new content update that includes a new multi-leveled dungeon that becomes more difficult the deeper you go, a new enemy type the Karka, a new Lvl 80 PvE area, a new PvP arena, and finally a new gear tier. As soon as GW2 players found out about a new gear tier that’s when the rage started, before having any information the assumptions of ArenaNet introducing a gear treadmill were running rampant. But you know what they say when you assume…anyway yesterday Linsey Murdock posted a blog on the official GW2 website, I’m going to link it so it can be read and comprehended then I’ll discuss it.


      Ok did you get all of that? Good. Here is what I got from it after reading it twice there is no more of a grind for ascended gear as there is for any other type( except Legendary those may still be a bit tougher )currently available. You will need the infused items to complete the new dungeon in the Fractals of the Mists Dungeon, infused upgrades are of Fine rarity( Fine Items are easy to come by )and can be made in the Mystic Forge from new recipes. Ascended Rings can be found in the Fractals of the Mists Dungeon, Ascended Back Items again can be forged from new recipes in the Mystic Forge. For now infused slots can only be found in ascended gear, so that for now means there is a possibility for change in the future. It’s also of note that Legendaries are still the top tier weapon so no your Legendary weapon you just achieved will not be void now. If you don’t run dungeons but want the gear ask a fellow Guild mate that runs them to get one for you, or  ask another friend. I currently have several friends in GW2 that are open to trading items it won’t change for the new gear. On top of that some of this gear can be forged I’ve forged several Exotic armors, since Ascended items can be forged as well I don’t see what the big deal is to some. Remember this is all end game level cap gear and Items for tougher enemies and it was made in mind for the gamers that have capped and have their legendary weapon if you don’t have a legendary and aren’t at 80 don’t worry about it. If you are at 80 and have a legendary and don’t want to bother with getting ascended gear yourself but want it trade for it. Before you freak out read and comprehend what ANet is doing please.

The Battle of the Black Superhero

This is a blog that I am going to take very seriously, because to me it’s a very serious issue that is far too often overlooked and dismissed. Yesterday it was announced that Jamie Foxx may be playing as Electro in TASM2, while I am a huge fan of the first film this struck me as odd and honestly I dislike the idea. As a young black man far too often I see white characters reskinned as black ones( Catwoman, Nick Fury, Spider-Man, Baxter Stockman etc. )and I just don’t agree with that happening. I’ve been reading comics for a long time and there are plenty of black heroes that are swept away in favor of changing the race of anther one. Instead of doing that why can’t DC and Marvel( yes I will pick on them because I don’t have issues with Valiant or Image comics black characters )write these black superheroes in an appealing fashion, that isn’t to say that none of them are but many of them are not which is a shame because there are some great black superheroes.

The first two that come to mind for me are Icon and Static. Icon is cool he’s the equivalent to a black Superman and to this day one of my favorite heroes the problem? Where is he DC yeah he shows up on Young Justice with Rocket but where in the heck has he been in comics. This is a character with an interesting back story the guy has seen a lot and he seems to have been written off along with the rest of the Dakota City characters, except for Static who was handled so poorly in the N52 that his book was canceled and it deserved to be it was just plain BAD! All of this while there are far too many Bat-Family books and Superboy which I have no clue why it’s still in print as it is just as poor as Static was! My point is there is a treasure trove of black characters that are going to waste that could be written interestingly and instead we suffered through Mr. Terrific I’d rather had been reading a well written issue of Hardware! But I will say that Batwing is a shining example of a great minority character but sadly he lacks a strong fanbase. It just doesn’t make sense to not use these characters to the full especially when there are fans of them waiting to see them return and not just the black Dakota heroes and villains ALL of them!!

But Marvel is just as bad when they came up with the Miles Morales Spider-Man, why? You could have easily kept Parker and introduced Night Thrasher instead and made him an awesome likeable character, or just came up with an original black hero instead of another re-skin. Or you could have made him the new Prowler instead of Spider-Man, maybe have his uncle come back as Tombstone? Instead of turning white characters black write your black heroes better!! Throw out the stereotypes and just make them blasted interesting!! Guys like Goliath don’t even seem to have a voice instead we just get Storm over and over again. Thank goodness for Luke Cage and Black Panther( who could be played by Jamie Foxx instead of him playing Electro how about that guys )but in that same breath where in the world is Ty Johnson( Cloak ). Utilize your minority heroes and villains don’t pretend as if they never existed create new ones and leave your original ones alone.

Diversity has been replaced with laziness it’s easier to take a character and change their race instead of taking an existing one and fortifying them into a better character. In marketing them reaching a larger fan base and lazy is the route both Marvel and DC have gone concerning their minority characters which is upsetting. But I doubt it will change because so many people are ok with it, I for one am not and will not pretend otherwise. For the record the same discussion can be had for any minority character and in my opinion we need more minority characters in comics, films, and other media not re-skins either original ones and as for the forgotten they need to be remembered! It is of note that though I dislike the thought of Foxx as Electro I still would like the film to do well.

In closing if you are not familiar with many minority characters in comics do some research there are some great ones out there hopefully someday we’ll see them return.

GUILD WARS 2: The Lost Shores Coming this month

So if you follow Guild Wars 2 you may have heard that another event was planned to follow last months Mad King Content. Well today it was officially announced that the ‘Lost Shores’ content would hit the land of Tyria this month!!! Details are light at the moment except for the description of this event on the official GW2 website which says

‘Something stirs in the Sea of Sorrows…

Unravel a mystery of monstrous proportions in The Lost Shores, a massive one-time world event that will change Tyria forever!’

 Holy crap the Sea of Sorrows, maybe we’ll get to interact with the Tengu, maybe it could be the start of conflict with the deep sea dragon, or it may very well be the start of an expansion for Cantha! At this point who really knows but it is fun to speculate on what ANet has in store for everyone. It’s also of note that December will have an event as well! $60.00 for a free to play MMORPG that already had enough content at launch, one event full of content under its belt. and two more on the way this is a game that pays for itself!!! Keep in mind all of this BEFORE an expansion pack!!!! Leaving Tyria for me is not an option! Check out the link below to the official site.