Zhaitans Tears GW2 Guild page

We are the sons and daughters of Tyria, descendants of the slayers of the Elder Dragon. We stand together in a world broken seeking to mend it together, we are the bane of the dragon we are Zhaitans Tears.

4 thoughts on “Zhaitans Tears GW2 Guild page

  1. As you can guess this is our Guild Wars 2 guild page here we will discuss events, WvWvW schedules, lore of Tyria, character fan fiction, crafting, and all things GW2. Even if you aren’t playing Guild Wars 2 or a member of Zhaitans Tears you can still discuss welcome 🙂

  2. The TGA guild Zhaitans Tears will be supporting Pink Day in LA our server Northern Shiverpeaks is on the list of participating servers. Tomorrow afternoon 2:00 PST I’d like for members to meet in Lions Arch for activities if you cannot make it I would ask that you please dye your toons gear pink for the duration of the weekend. If you do not have any pink dye it can be purchased on the Black Lion Trading Co. Thanks for your support.

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